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Alpacas As An Investment

Every day more and more people are looking for ways to get out of the rat race and to live a better quality of life, with fewer pressures and a return to some of the old-fashioned values that have often been lost in the urban environment. One of the


Caring for Alpacas

A quick guide to the care and maintenance of alpacas.

Caring for your alpacas is not difficult, but it is important to help keep them fit and healthy and in good condition for breeding. One of the most important monitors of health is the weight of your alpacas. They should not be allowed to gain too m


Vaccinations and Parasite Control

A guide to precautionary treatment of alpacas

All lamas (alpacas and llamas) require annual vaccinations and periodic wormings based upon the particular threats in your region. Please note that we are not veterinarians nor is this to be construed as medical advice--we are just sharing our experi